Nathan is a best-selling author, TEDx speaker, teen entrepreneur, and founder of the leading monthly retainer marketing agency Howdy Interactive.

Nathan’s core mission is to have every single teenager start and operate their own business, paving their own path to financial freedom. His best-selling book, Retire Before College, helps students climb the path to financial freedom using actionable, real advice from his time scaling Howdy Interactive.

Nathan works with small business and Fortune 500 companies to grow the amount of marketing-qualified leads they have coming into their business. He’s worked alongside companies like NBC, Amazon, Five Guys, Keap, and many more. He owns and operates Howdy alongside his non-profit, the Maine Student Film Festival. Nathan is also a speaker and consultant for large corporations and academic entities looking to cater to young entrepreneurs.

"Starting the path to financial freedom is like getting in shape; after the age of 23, it becomes a lot more difficult. Let's let teens shape the path to financial freedom at an early age."

– Nathan Sykes

Nathan wants teens to know that “being an average student” will take a tremendous toll on your future. If you work ten times as hard as everyone else in high school and college, you’ll reap the rewards ten times earlier. While your classmates are saving up for retirement, you’ll be expanding your empire and overviewing your investments.

With the advent of technology, the path to financial freedom for teens has never been easier. Who will start the climb?


  • Welcome Series (with the link to grab a free paperback copy of my bestselling book – Retire Before College).

  • Access to my TEDx talk (when it releases) about creating the perfect environment for teen entrepreneurs!
  •  A new financial/investing tip for students every week.
  •  Exclusive deals on my new products, live events, and webinars.
  • Updates before anyone else on new content, blog posts, podcast episodes, and videos.

"Financial Freedom is the answer to ALL of your problems, and starting as a high school/college student is the fastest way to achieve that." - Nathan Sykes

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