Income Is King

There is no better way to make money than with a consistent, ever-expanding, source of income. I talk a lot about investing, and for good reason – this is the critical step in growing to a state of financial freedom. However, the only way you can achieve financial freedom is through consistent income, whether that …

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Halloween Business Statistics

Hello! Nathan Sykes here, wishing you a happy Halloween. Today’s podcast is recorded live from the Howdy Interactive offices in Bangor, ME. We’re talking about Halloween business statistics, and some business ideas that teen entrepreneurs could easily pull off in mid-Q4. Statistics Halloween retail statistics have shown continued growth over the last few years. Now, …

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Getting Around No Soliciting Signs

As a teen entrepreneur, you’re going to be responsible for selling you and your product/service consistently. In both residential and corporate environments, you’re going to encounter “No Soliciting” signs. While I am not an expert and do not actively sell B2C (business-to-consumer) products, I can certainly assist you on dealing with B2B (business-to-business) situations where …

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Burnout As A Teen Entrepreneur

Hi there! Nathan Sykes here, writing from UTC today. About a year ago, I was working on my event management software, EXPOAid. I’ve since moved on, but it was a massive project with a massive scope – separate software for attendees, exhibitors, volunteers, vendors, and planners, all combined under one roof. I had a team …

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Say You’re Sorry

As a teen entrepreneur, you’re going to screw up once or twice. It’s inevitable. Statistically, you don’t have enough experience to do everything right the first time, no matter how hard you want that to happen. It’s nothing to be pissed about, you just learn and move on – everyone has to do it. However, …

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A Day In The Life of Nathan

As a part of a secret TV-show-influenced project I’m working on right now, I was asked to put together a daily schedule of my life as a teen entrepreneur. I thought it would provide a nice, behind-the-scenes look at the average day in my life. Today’s podcast episode is about time management and how I …

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Should You Drop Out?

Hi there! Nathan Sykes here, live from our office in Bangor. Thanks for joining us. Today’s podcast episode is about deciding whether you should drop out of school. The reason I’m bringing it up is because I just had a conversation with someone who wanted to come work for me – it turns out he …

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Finding The Right Mentor

Good morning! Nathan Sykes here, checking in from my office in Bangor. Today’s podcast episode is all about finding the right mentor. Like a lot of you, I was at Grant Cardone‘s mentorship call on Saturday, and him and Jarrod Glandt shared a lot of valuable information that I wanted to relay to those who …

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