Burnout As A Teen Entrepreneur

Hi there! Nathan Sykes here, writing from UTC today.

About a year ago, I was working on my event management software, EXPOAid. I’ve since moved on, but it was a massive project with a massive scope – separate software for attendees, exhibitors, volunteers, vendors, and planners, all combined under one roof. I had a team of six, but even still it was way too much. I quickly became unmotivated, my performance began lacking, and I started feeling sick.

As a teen entrepreneur, your life is not exclusive to business. You have to worry about academics, friends, relationships, family stuff, extra curriculars, etc. 

With so much stuff going on, it’s very easy to get distracted by life and to feel unmotivated about the project you’re working on. And if you force yourself to work when you consistently feel unmotivated about the project, you’ll start to get burned out.

I strongly feel that burnout is less of an issue when you’re motivated to do the work. Motivation is the key issue here.

If you’re feeling unmotivated about your company, or the projects you’re working on, there are a variety of ways to spark the inspiration and motivation that you once had when you originally started on the project.

My team and I respond to praise – the feeling of recognition, the fact that we’re doing something good in the world, is what drives us above money, power, or anything else.

So what we did was we held a product announcement. I rented out my high school’s auditorium, hired security to keep people out (which sparked rumors, and rumors are great!), and transformed it into a presentation stage for talking about our products. The picture above is from our sound check, so is this video:

We shot the product launch live (with a small audience to make it look not-that-empty), and sent the edited video to our mailing list. All of the sudden, people were talking about us and our products again! It was fantastic, and motivated us 100% to make the final push to release – now people were counting on us.

When you’re feeling burnt out, or unmotivated, tell people about what you’re working on – get people excited. When people get excited about your projects, that is contagious and you’ll start to get excited to.

Alright, see you tomorrow! Nathan, over and out.

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