Halloween Business Statistics

Hello! Nathan Sykes here, wishing you a happy Halloween. Today’s podcast is recorded live from the Howdy Interactive offices in Bangor, ME. We’re talking about Halloween business statistics, and some business ideas that teen entrepreneurs could easily pull off in mid-Q4. Statistics Halloween retail statistics have shown continued growth over the last few years. Now, …

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Should You Drop Out?

Hi there! Nathan Sykes here, live from our office in Bangor. Thanks for joining us. Today’s podcast episode is about deciding whether you should drop out of school. The reason I’m bringing it up is because I just had a conversation with someone who wanted to come work for me – it turns out he …

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The Official “Welcome To My Blog” Post

Hello! This is pretty exciting. A new blog means a new start. Welcome to the new Nathan-Sykes.com, and welcome to my blog. Somehow, you’ve stumbled onto here, so it means you have a slight interest in what I have to talk about. In 2017, I founded Howdy Interactive. Being only 15 at the time, I …

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