Burnout As A Teen Entrepreneur

Hi there! Nathan Sykes here, writing from UTC today. About a year ago, I was working on my event management software, EXPOAid. I’ve since moved on, but it was a massive project with a massive scope – separate software for attendees, exhibitors, volunteers, vendors, and planners, all combined under one roof. I had a team …

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Finding The Right Mentor

Good morning! Nathan Sykes here, checking in from my office in Bangor. Today’s podcast episode is all about finding the right mentor. Like a lot of you, I was at Grant Cardone‘s mentorship call on Saturday, and him and Jarrod Glandt shared a lot of valuable information that I wanted to relay to those who …

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The Official “Welcome To My Blog” Post

Hello! This is pretty exciting. A new blog means a new start. Welcome to the new Nathan-Sykes.com, and welcome to my blog. Somehow, you’ve stumbled onto here, so it means you have a slight interest in what I have to talk about. In 2017, I founded Howdy Interactive. Being only 15 at the time, I …

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