A leading authority on teen entrepreneurship & personalized learning.
Here to motivate and inspire your business audience or student group.

Whatever you're looking for - motivation, strategies, expansion, Nathan can deliver in abundance.

At age 15, Nathan founded a little company called Howdy Interactive. Since then, it’s grown to be one of the leading monthly retainer marketing agencies in the United States, with 170 employees, contractors, and freelancers tackling dozens of contracts for companies of all shapes and sizes.

Nathan truly believes that teen entrepreneurship and student creativity will be responsible for the future that the adults of today leave us. Now, you can bring Nathan directly to your group, either in-person or virtually, to meet whatever goals you set out. Whether you are looking to motivate a group of high school or college students, or crush your yearly marketing KPIs ten times over, Nathan can bring it!

More About Speaking
Since 2017, Nathan has appeared on some of the world’s most prestigious stages (TEDx, DoL, SBA, etc.), speaking about everything from teen entrepreneurship to marketing. Whether your goal is to motivate or to educate, Nathan has it all under his belt. His day-rate speaking fee starts at $2,500 domestically and $3,500 internationally. Nathan travels with a team of two (an assistant and a videographer), and all lodging/travel fees are built into his fee. Please contact our team for a speaking profile & topics, and to request custom pricing.

More About Consulting
Nathan consults in two main industries – large enterprises and academia. In the corporate setting, Nathan consults on optimizing your marketing strategy and deploying a global marketing workforce, much like he has done with Howdy Interactive’s internal team of employees, contractors, and freelancers. In the world of academics, Nathan brings valuable information on incorporating curriculum for teen entrepreneurs and identifying and working with “trouble students” who display entrepreneurial tendencies. His consulting fee starts at $4,750 for four 60-minute sessions, as well as a custom strategy built out by his team to meet your specific goals. Please contact our team to request custom pricing.

Contact a member of our team for more information on speaking & consulting! We do our best to respond to inquiries within 6-12 hours.

Our team will try and get back to you within 6-12 hours!

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