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Equals $50,000 USD per year, and can be paid bi-weekly to match your payroll schedule if you’d like. The average marketing salary in the United States is $81,078 – at over $30,000 off a traditional in-house hire, this is the biggest bargain ever!

+ $3,500 Build-out Fee (One Time)




The subsidiary plan gives you full membership access to the Howdy Interactive program for your company’s subsidiaries. You can buy as many plans as you’d like for companies your parent company owns.

+ $3,500 Build-out Fee (One Time)

We can also design a custom package just for you, starting at $75,000 USD/yr. Please email us to get started.

How does it work?



We start off by learning everything we can about your business, your brand, and your marketing goals. We put together a plan to increase your revenue by 15% in the first 90 days, and double it every single year you retain us for marketing services.



Our team gets to work! We start bringing you a steady stream of leads doing whatever we agreed on in our marketing plan – email marketing, social media management, sales funnels, billboards, event management, etc. We can do anything you need us to!


We Track Results

We are always tracking the results of our marketing efforts, and you are clued in every step of the way. We can either use our own analytics systems for reporting, or integrate into your own BI/Reporting software like Einstein Analytics.

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Howdy Interactive is Nathan’s “monthy retainer” marketing program.

For a flat rate every single month, subject to reasonable use limits, you have access to 170 marketing team members you can use handle all of your marketing work. As a complimentary service, we also provide free PR opportunities, monthly trainings & marketing trend workshops, and an invite-only get-together in Maine every summer at Acadia National Park for all of our members.

Howdy Interactive has been used for companies of all shapes and sizes, from small mom-and-pop shops to the Fortune 500. Come and discovery why people like to use us!

You do!

If we design something for you, or redesign your website, etc. – you own 100% of the files the moment we hand them off to you. This is all explained very well in agreement we sign at the beginning of our relationship.

You bet!

We can say that with confidence before we know what you’re asking for, because we employ subject matter experts in every single large marketing niche, from traditional marketing like email & social media, to weird niches like guerilla marketing, billboards, and ADA website compliance.

Even if we don’t have someone that can handle the work, our sister agencies have a network of 6,500 team members we can turn to. You’re covered in every scenario.

If you want to go ahead and make sure we can do a specific thing, just shoot us an email.

We don’t really know – nobody’s ever activated the 100% Satisfaction Guarantee before. Until we encounter this situation and establish some guidelines, here’s what we think this should mean:

– If you don’t see an increase in your marketing efforts in the first 30 days, talk to your account manager and we’ll make it right.
– If we can’t make it right, we’ll cancel your agreement.
– In some unique cases, such as negligence on our part, we’ll provide a refund and reimburse for expenses.

We’re open to suggestions here!

Flat-rate marketing comes with the guise of “unlimited” marketing services. This is kind of correct, but we refer to it as “near-unlimited”.

You’re welcome to put as much marketing work on our shoulders as possible. You certainly should – you’re paying us a minimum of $50,000 per year, we better be worth it!

We’re subject to reasonable use guidelines. For example, handling the email, social media, enrollment campaign, billboard management, and organize a quarterly dinner gala for one company is perfectly fine. However, if you want us to do all of that, plus organize 12 full-scale events, coordinate trade show exhibitions, and handle a website redesign, that might be where we have to draw the line – there’s no way we can break even on that.

We can certainly do as much as you need us to, but anything above a liberal reasonable use limit should be done on a custom plan, not on our $50,000/yr full-retainer marketing program.

We don’t pay for ad spend or any other expenses, just like an in-house marketer or a traditional marketing agency wouldn’t either.

If we decide on a marketing strategy that will incur other expenses, we can just charge ad spend/expenses to your card on file through our billing system. It’ll give you a clear overview of each expense and why it was needed.

All ad spend comes with a 3% management fee, which is disclosed in the agreement we sign at the beginning of our relationship.

Contact a member of our team for more information on speaking & consulting! We do our best to respond to inquiries within 6-12 hours.

Our team will try and get back to you within 6-12 hours!

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