The $180-Million-Dollar Nine Word Email

We focus on making companies who retain Howdy Interactive as much money as possible. A lot of times, companies remain convinced that the best way to do so is by getting lots of new clients.

However, we’ve found that about 75% of the time, we can actually extract more money by targeting advertising, promotions, and marketing at your existing clients, either to upsell them, make them come back faster, or tell more people about you.

But you most likely realize that you have more leads that go dark, or unresponsive, or make excuses about why they can’t buy. It’s just a fact of life – you’re not going to be able to close every single lead that comes in the door.

Dean Jackson, marketing wizard and the person who invented the squeeze page (the technology that all sales funnels are built on today), also was responsible for founding the principles of the nine word email.

The concept itself is very, very simple. When a lead goes dark for more than 90 days, or made an excuse about why they couldn’t purchase there and then, all you need to do is shoot them a quick email/text that says:

From: Nathan Sykes <>

To: Joe Somebody <>

Subject: House in Glendale


Are you still looking for a house in Glendale?


There’s not a lot to process here, but let’s take it step by step. This email is simple, straight to the point, and devoid of sales jargon (specifically by design).

The aim of this email is to re-qualify the lead. The sales stuff comes later, but what you’re doing right now is you’re seeing who, out of the leads you haven’t talked to in three months, is still interested.

Asking whether there’s still a sales opportunity with them is best done without any hint of sales-talk.

The cover page for this story said that this is a $180 million dollar tool, and you might be thinking “You’re bullshitting me! How can 10 seconds worth of typing be worth $180 million dollars?”

A yacht manufacturer out of Florida assigned some tasks to a marketing intern, who quickly started doing his own this – following up with dead leads using the nine word email.

One of the “dead “ leads responded, and ended up ordering a $130 million dollar custom yacht, with a $50 million dollar yacht to hold him over while his bigger yacht was being constructed!

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